About us

The world's leading GRE pipeline system service provider



The strategic goal is to create China's strongest, largest and world-class production base for GRE pipelines and supporting pipe fittings.

We are adhering to the cultural concept of "stable, enterprising, innovative, and transcending" to provide customers with systematic and mature technical services and high-quality products.

Enterprise spirit: entrepreneurship, pragmatism, dedication

Entrepreneurship: hard work, forge ahead, eternal entrepreneurship, unswerving pursuit of first-class.

Pragmatic: Be scientific, seek truth from facts, and continuously improve the management level and technological level.

Dedication: Employees contribute to the enterprise, and the enterprise returns to the society, customers, employees, and investors.

Corporate philosophy: integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, safety, and win-win

"Integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, safety, and win-win" collectively reflect the value orientation of OCEAN business management decision-making and behavior, and it is an organic and unified whole.

Integrity: honesty and trustworthiness, truth and deeds.

Innovation: Keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate.

Performance: Performance is paramount, creating excellence.

Harmony: unite and cooperate to create harmony.

Safety: People-oriented, safety first.

Win-win: Integrity and norms, cooperation and win-win.

Core development strategy

Technology Driven

It is necessary to improve the company's research and development capabilities, improve the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the construction of scientific and technological personnel, rely on the improvement of scientific and technological level to seek the company's long-term development, and continuously increase the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress to development.

Talent Prosperity

Through the improvement of talent introduction, training and incentive mechanisms, the development of human resources must be strengthened, and a team of talents with strong ideological style, more comprehensive skills and quality, and more reasonable structural levels should be established.

Cost leadership

We must always do a good job in cost control and cost management, make it a corporate culture of the company, a conscious behavior of all employees, and always maintain the company's cost-leading advantage among its peers.

Green and low carbon

We must devote ourselves to continuous technological innovation and technological application to make the production process lower and lower emissions, less and less harmful to the environment, and to provide the society with green, low-carbon, clean and environmentally friendly, safe and pollution-free products, and strive to become A highly responsible and highly respected enterprise that develops in harmony with society and the environment, becomes a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise. We must adhere to green development, clean development, and low-carbon development, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, create a green and low-carbon industry, shape new competitive advantages, and strive to become a green and low-carbon modern company to contribute to energy conservation, emission reduction, and sustainable development. Make a contribution.