Technical strength

Improve the company's research and development capabilities, and continuously increase the contribution rate of technological progress to development.


Quality monitoring and testing

A sound quality management system guarantees product quality from materials entering the factory, sampling inspection, product process inspection, finished product inspection, pressure test inspection, appearance inspection, overall product inspection and other methods to ensure product quality. Customers can visit the factory to follow up the production process at any time.

The pipes and pipe fittings system are in full compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Class III fire resistance. The pipes and pipe fittings are made of carbon fiber and carbon powder, so that the pipes meet the requirements of anti-static.

Products meet:

API 15HR/15LR American Petroleum Institute Standard;

SY/T6266--2004;SY/T6267-2018 China's oil and gas industry standards;

ASME--ANSI B16.5 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Standard;

ASTM F1173 American Society for Testing and Materials standards.